• Softfall surface outdoor, secured, play and entertaining space
  • Water, NG BBQ connection points available
  • Accessible from Community #3 and #4
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with community spaces

The Terrace space outside Community Spaces 3 & 4 functions in a variety of ways throughout the week. For example during playgroups this area will be the outside play area for the kids and has easy access through the large sliding door from Community Space 2.

The terrace is enclosed with a fence, ensuring safety for all and will have a soft fall surface.

This terrace can also be accessed from Community Space 4 via a large sliding door and would be a wonderful entertaining area for a lunch or dinner.

There will be flexible bench seating and extra tables and chairs could be arranged to set up an afternoon tea event for example. Other activities which may suit this space could be outdoor yoga, cocktail style events or youth activities.