Centre Sustainability

Centre Sustainability

MUC has had a long commitment to caring for creation. This new centre is no different. There are some significant aspects of the building that are ensuring a space that is not only functional but environmentally sustainable as well.

As part of the planning approval process for the City of Manningham, The Uniting Church engaged Sustainability House to provide a Sustainable Design Assessment for the development. The conclusion of the assessment reported that Manningham Uniting Church and Community Centre exceeded all the minimum requirements achieving a BESS (Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard) rating of 56%.

As you wander through the building you may not realise many of the features that have been included to ensure we are considering our environment. Aspects such as a high level of insulation has been built into the building fabric including double glazing of windows to ensure heating and cooling can be kept to a minimum. Energy efficient LED lights with motion sensors throughout many of the spaces to lower our energy consumption will be installed while utilising sunlight and windows for much of the building’s daytime lighting.

Radiant hot water heaters are used in the large indoor spaces like the foyer for improved energy efficiency and energy efficient air- conditioners are installed in most other indoor spaces.

Rainwater will be captured from the roof area and collected into a 45,000L tank, and then plumbed to flush toilets throughout the building and for use in landscape irrigation. This will be exceptionally helpful as more than an estimated 30% of the site is covered with vegetation. Water efficient fixtures and fittings will also be installed to support our desire to use our water wisely. 34 x 410W/ Solar panels have recently been installed to help capture the sun’s energy and also transform it into power we can use for the building.

The car park is naturally ventilated and has sensors to monitor the exhaust levels which activate fans only when appropriate levels are reached, ensuring fans are not drawing on power when they are not required. The carpark and outside the café also has parking for 7 bicycles encouraging MUC members and the community to cycle to the building.

Throughout the building design and construction process there has been a focus on developing a building that draws on the local environment and captures the essence of Templestowe. It’ll be a fantastic place to enjoy both inside and outside; relaxing, worshiping, gathering community and so much more.