Community Mural & Siev-X memorial Information

Community Mural & Siev-X memorial Information

The mural located in the driveway is a compelling visual narrative that welcomes people to the newly built and opened Manningham Uniting Church and Community Centre. The Indigenous artwork completed by Robert Young is the central part of this five part mural. Two mural parts accompany Roberts work on either side, these works were created by artist Katira (Katherine Gailer) in conjunction with the community through four workshops. These carefully designed workshops motivated participants in sharing exercises in which their individual ideas are valued and carried further as a driving force to create something new: a collective voice. Below are the collective voices created.

Additionally, located at the Wood St end of the driveway is the Siev X Refugee Memorial. Originally installed at Doncaster Uniting Church, Westfield Drive, Doncaster in 2006, the poles were restored and relocated to this address in 2022.

More details regarding all aspects of the driveway artwork are below.

Refugees & Asylum Seekers

I left many things behind in my hope for more freedom and peace and I am still waiting for acceptance and recognition. I want to be part of the community.
Let’s re-create a more fair and inclusive society.

Social Justice & Equity

I am creating a world where you and I are equal. I will grow a garden where we are all welcome. A place where we can be fully who we are and aspire to be. Where every kind of seed and flower will be seen and nourished to grow.


This artwork depicts a man dancing and doing the corroboree, leading people in with strong markings and representation of Indigenous culture to show the dawning of a new day and celebration of First Nations people. Silhouettes of people from all backgrounds walking together as one surround the man. The colourful band below represents God calling out creation and shaping animals and land through colours. The words joy, peace, love & hope mark important words of this calling and shaping into being. Local and significant native animals sit amongst this calling and blend with the native plants planted in front of them. Markings throughout the mural are used as a simple way to show how culture, community, creativity and Christ are intertwined as one.


The creative process was a playful one. An inter-generational group was invited to create their dream neighbourhood out of re-cycled material. Artist Katira was inspired to develop this design which embodies learning, growing and a sharing of common experience, integrating a dynamic community, inspired by nature, enriched by history and enlivened by present exploration.

Sustainability & The Environment

We recognise we are totally dependent on our earth. We urgently need to transform our dominant old story of exploitation and consumerism, to a new story where we awaken to being in harmony with the natural world. Otherwise the consequences are catastrophic. We are part of the earth and the earth is part of us.

Siev-X Refugee Memorial

353 Refugees drowned in October 2001 when their fishing boat capsized on their way to Australia after fleeing from their home countries. There was no publicity. The Australian government labelled their boat Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel 10 (SIEV-X).

In 2006 a National SIEV-X Refugee Memorial consisting of 353 poles, one for each Refugee, was installed in Canberra. A local SIEV-X Refugee Memorial with three poles was installed at Westfield Drive in the same year by the Doncaster Pilgrim Uniting Church congregation.

In 2022 members of the Manningham Uniting Church repainted two poles with Australian images such as Uluru and desert peas – to add to one of the original Westfield Drive SIEV-X Refugee poles – to represent one adult refugee and two children attempting to reach Australia by boat in 2001. The three poles will form the new Manningham Uniting Church SIEV-X Refugee Memorial. The SIEV-X Refugee Memorial is placed in the driveway garden next to the Refugee section of our marvellously designed and painted Driveway Mural. Thank you to those who restored and relocated the installation to the new location. Also, thanks to everyone else from the members of the ‘Mural’, ‘Connections’ and ‘Social Justice’ groups and the MUC congregation who encouraged and approved this new Manningham Uniting Church Refugee Memorial Project over the past two years as we moved the original 2006 local SIEV-X Refugee Memorial from the Westfield Drive Church to Templestowe.

For more information on the history of the SIEV-X memorial project click here